Ocala, Florida Family Law Mediator

Mediation is a mandatory element of the dissolution process in the state of Florida. This valuable process allows you to deal with the legal necessities with the help of a mediator without being in a court room. It offers you more control over the circumstances and provides you with the opportunity to make decisions rather than an impartial judge making them for you.

Mediation can also be a very helpful tool in resolving difficulties between domestic partners who may not have access to family court.

Florida Mediation Process

Because mediation is mandatory in Florida, the Florida family courts offer mediation services. Couples who are pursuing a divorce must make an attempt to resolve their differences prior to litigation. In fact, if you have been in lengthy litigation and have not attempted mediation in six months, the judge may order that you make another attempt.

As a  mediator, Kelly will encourage each party to discuss their objectives with each other. Attorneys may offer guidance in relation to the legal consequences of their decisions, but the mediation is about bringing each side together to tailor solutions that work for them.

The agreements made in mediation become binding once they are in writing and signed by both parties. They can be final or temporary, partial or full. The agreement is usually written by Kelly, although one of the attorneys may do this for the other to review.

If all of the issues are not resolved, those remaining issues will go on to family court.

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